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I'm new to ragnarok (kinda, i played durring beta 1 too but anyways...) I took the personality test yesterday and it advised me to be an accolyte. So im stuck in prontera searching for father yosuke. I found father rubileka (sp?) by accident, but still have yet to meet father yosuke. I know he is east of geffen, but that doesnt help me when i don't know where geffen is, I know he's by a lake, I can see a picture of a map on various websites... but how does one go about getting from prontera to father yosuke?
Any help is muchly appreciated.
Also anyone here roleplay on the chaos server? If so drop me a line sometime, 1337 5p34kers or people who TaLk LiKe ThIs BeCaUse It'S cOoL need not apply ^_^
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